• The activities of tourism and leisure for coastal areas of northern Taiwan are becoming ever more developed. Taipei Port and its connecting road network have been completed, Danhai New Town and its road systems are being developed, and tourist attractions like Fisherman's Wharf and Shisanhang Museum of Archaeology have been completed. In addition, traffic congestion around Guandu Bridge and the Zhuwei Section of Provincial Highway No. 2 is in dire need of a solution. Hence, the government is planning the construction of Danjiang Bridge and its connecting road network at the mouth of Tamsui River between Tamsui and Bali. Aside from providing much needed relief to the congestion, the project will also link recreational activities across Tamsui River, foster regional development, complete the northern seashore highway system.

    Danjiang Bridge will be located at the mouth of Tamsui River, adjacent to Taiwan Strait. It will connect Provincial Highway No. 2, No. 15, No. 61 (Xibin Highway) and No. 64 (Bali-Xindian Highway). Upon completion, access between Tamsui and Bali will no longer involve detouring via Guandu Bridge--a resulting reduction of 15 km in travel distance (Saving about 25 minutes traveling time)--while making the northern seashore highway system more comprehensive. Furthermore, Danjiang Bridge with its location at the Tamsui river mouth is destined to make a conspicuous landmark. Taking the considerations of the requirement of Tamsui sunset landscape maintenance, preservation of cultural assets, environmental protection, and promotion of tourism and recreational activities in the region, an appealing design and economic benefits will be key issue to integrate with Tamsui sunset and make Danjiang Bridge a proud new landmark in Taiwan against the backdrop of Tamsui's famous sunset.

    Planning for this project had been completed in July 1998, and its environmental impact assessment (EIA) was approved in March 2000. However, development in the area has undergone dramatic changes as years went by. Taipei Port and its connecting roads and the Bali-Xindian Highway (Hwy. No.64) are all in full operation now. The development plan for Danhai New Town has undergone major changes, and there have been amendments or additions to the Taipei Port District Development Plan, New Taipei City riverside bike pathways, Danhai New Town external light rail transit (LRT) connection, Zhitou Highway, and roads along the north-shore of Tamsui River. In light of this, in 2006 the Directorate General of Highways (DGOH) embarked on a comprehensive review of the original project plan.

    The "Comprehensive Review Report on the Planning of Danjiang Bridge and Connecting Road Network" was prepared per Executive Yuan Letter Tai-Jiao-Zi No.0990018213 dated April 8, 2010. The following recommendations were made: a new interchange is to be added to link the now completed Hwy. No.64 (Bali-Xindian route). The original interchange at the Bali end is to be moved southward 500 m to increase clearance from the Waziwei Nature Reserve. It will also be modified into a simplified diamond interchange and will link existing roads at the Bali Wastewater Treatment Plant and Cultural Park. In February 2011, New Taipei City Government advised that an 8 m wide lane is to be reserved at the center of the bridge to accommodate the Tamsui-Bali LRT system. As a result, a differential environment impact assessment was conducted, and the corresponding report was approved after revision at Session 237 by the Executive Yuan Environmental Impact Review Committee, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) on June 19, 2013.

    The "Comprehensive Review Report on the Planning of Danjiang Bridge and Connecting Road Network" was reviewed and submitted per MOTC Letter Jiao-Lu-Zi No.1000032766 dated May 19, 2011. Executive Yuan Secretary-General replied with the comment, "...a construction plan is to be prepared according to this Review Report and submitted for approval" (Letter Tai-Jiao-Zi No.1000027247 dated June 7, 2011). The Secretary-General also advised, per Letter Tai-Jiao-Zi No.1020133932 dated May 14, 2013, that a development plan for Danjiang bridge should be prepared as soon as possible and submitted according to proper procedures. The resulting development plan was submitted to the Executive Yuan on Aug. 2, 2013 and approved at Session 1461 by the Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan, on Nov. 18, 2013. As such, the West Coast Expressway Northern Region Temporary Engineering Office, Directorate General of Highways, MOTC (hereinafter as the "Agency") is now compiling the "Danjiang Bridge and Connecting Road Network Plan" in accordance with the development plan approved by Executive Yuan (Letter Tai-Jiao-Zi No.1030121836 dated Jan. 15, 2014)

    The technical services, "Construction of Danjiang Bridge and Connecting Road Network (Tender 3): Survey, Geological Investigation, Design, Construction Supervision and Guidance and Verification on Carbon Footprint Reporting Service Project" (hereinafter as the "Project") is part of the "Danjiang Bridge and Connecting Road Network Plan". In the interest of incorporating advanced international design ideas and meeting the EIA requirements on Danjiang Bridge, outstanding local and international design teams will be invited through an international competition to design the bridge. The goal is to ensure the project can be completed on schedule and per specifications and to make Danjiang Bridge a new landmark that brings northern Taiwan on a par with world-class ports around the world.
  • The major objectives of the Project are as follows:
    Reduce the distance between Tamsui and Bali (upon completion, access between Tamsui and Bali will no longer have to involve a detour via Guandu Bridge--a reduction of 15 km in travel distance); make more land available for development; and foster growth in surrounding areas.
    Enable sustainable tourism by linking recreational activities along the northern seashores and cutting travel time.
    Improve the external transportation connection of Danhai New Town and make the northern seashore highway system more comprehensive.
    Enhance the service standards (to Class C or above) at Guandu Bridge and the Zhuwei Section of Provincial Highway No.2 by cutting 30% traffic.
    Expand the service coverage of highways by making the system more comprehensive in conjunction with the "Taipei Urban Highway System Development Plan".
    Provide an emergency evacuation access toward south of Taoyuan should an emergency occur at Nuclear Power Plant No.1 and No.2.
  • It is limited tendering procedures. Open evaluation will be conducted to select winning tenderer.

    Please refer to Tender Documentation for details.
  • 1.
    Joint Tendering is allowed for this Procurement. The numbers of joint tendering member who participate jointly as one tender shall not exceed THREE (3). Nevertheless, the tenderer who fits all qualifications can still submit a single tender without joining any other tenderers.

    For each member, the respective ratio of the amount of total contract price shall not less than 20%.

    This procurement is pursuant to the requirements set forth in a treaty or an agreement to which this nation is a party. The title of the treaty or agreement is: The Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) of the World Trade Organization, Agreement between New Zealand and the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu on Economic Cooperation (ANZTEC), Agreement between Singapore and the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu on Economic Partnership (ASTEP). Except for registered in Mainland China and Macau, the tenderers from countries which have no treaty or agreement with this nation: Allowed to participate in the tendering. Within 90 days after contract awarded, a foreign tenderer shall register a branch company in Taiwan (ROC).

    Please refer to Tender Documentation for details.
  • Scheduled Timetable:
    Award-Winning Projects Exhibition:
     Session 1: (Tamsui)
     Aug. 29th, 2015(Saturday) ~ Sep. 4th, 2015(Friday)
     Tamsui Cultrure Park (C Building, Arts Exhibition space)
     Session 2: (Bali)
     Sep. 19th, 2015 (Saturday) ~ Sep. 25th, 2015 (Friday)
     4F, Bali Chung-Chuang Activity Center

    Oct. 23rd, 2013: The First Meeting of Promotion Team
    June 17th, 2014: The First Strategy Promotion Meeting
    July 18th, 2014: The Second Strategy Promotion Meeting
    Aug. 18th, 2014: The Second Meeting of Promotion Team
    Aug. 28th, 2014: The Third Strategy Promotion Meeting
    Sep. 22nd, 2014: Meeting for the proposal of Danjiang Bridge to accommodate LRT system.
    Oct. 2nd, 2014: The Fourth Strategy Promotion Meeting
    Oct. 24th, 2014: The First Domestic International Competition Conference
    Dec. 19th, 2014 International Competition Conference in Hamburg, Germany
    Jan. 5th, 2015: Procurement Evaluation Committee Meeting
    Jan. 9th, 2015: International Competition Conference in Tokyo, Japan
    Jan. 13th, 2015: Commencement of Tender Documentation Public Viewing
    Jan. 14th, 2015: International Competition Conference in San Francisco, USA
    Jan. 19th, 2015: End of Tender Documentation Public Viewing
    Jan. 21st, 2015: The Second Domestic International Competition Conference
    Feb. 17th, 2015: Announcement
    Feb. 24th, 2015: The First Revision Notice
    Mar. 9th, 2015: Deadline for Submitting the Questions of Tender Documentation
    Apr. 2nd, 2015: The Second Revision Notice
    Apr. 13th, 2015: The Third Revision Notice
    Feb. 17th, 2015~Apr. 29th, 2015: Deadline for Obtaining the Tender Documentation
    Apr. 30th, 2015: Tender Submission Deadline
    Apr. 30th, 2015: Qualification Review
    May 5th, 2015: The commencement of “Bridge Profile Design Sample/Proposal” evaluation
    Jun. 1st, 2015: Site Visit for Qualified Tenderers of Bridge Profile Design Sample/Proposal Evaluation.
    Aug. 3rd, 2015: Tender documents submission deadline of Instruction of Specification Tendering
    Aug. 3rd, 2015: Tender opening
    Aug. 11th~12th, 2015: Jury Session
  • 1.
    In accordance with evaluation results, up to 5 tenderers will be selected to be the winning tenderers. The top three prize winners shall be awarded the price negotiation right. The first prize winner will have the first priority and no prize money will be awarded. If price negotiation with the first prize winner is not successful, no prize money will be awarded thereto, either. The next prize winner in the sequence will then have the right to conduct price negotiation. Each tenderer may only enter price negotiation once. Should the tenderer who is awarded the price negotiation right because price negotiation with the previous prize winner was not successful, no prize money will be awarded, either.

    With the exception of the tenderer who failed in price negotiation or was awarded contract, each of the winning tenderer will be awarded a prize of NT$2,000,000 by project management company commissioned by the Entity. (including project management company’s 5% sales tax.) In principle, the prize will be awarded to the representative tenderer. The above prizes will be subject to the ROC income tax and will be withheld by the Entity in accordance with the law of tax.

    Prizes money for the winning tenderers will be awarded once the procurement contract has been signed and there are no further outstanding issues.

  • The Committee shall have 15 members in total. Except for chairperson and deputy chairperson, the committee shall be composed of representatives of local government, scholars and experts, and local culture and art workers. One-third of the members shall be representatives of local government, one-third shall be scholars and experts, and one-third shall be local culture and art workers.

    For the appointment of representative members of local culture and art workers, it is preferred for the persons who contribute his/her long term research in Tamsui and Bali areas. After consulted and suggested by the workers of associations, the workers shall be appointed to serve as a member with his/her consent.

    The name list of the Committee members (jurors) shall be kept confidential and declassified after the winning tenderer is selected. s
    • Fisherman's Wharf 1
    • Fisherman's Wharf 2
    • Site(Tamsui Side)
    • Site(Bali Side)
    • From Ferry to the Site
    • Fisherman's Wharf
    • Fisherman's Wharf
    • Site(Shalun Road)
    • Bali
    • Site(Bali Side)
    • Vantage Point
    • Fisherman's Wharf
    • Wazihwei Natural Reserve